Troubled on every side yet not distressed
As poor, yet making many rich

Message from Pastor Benny Mathew

If you want to make a living, you get training; and if you want to make a life, you add education. But if you want to have a ministry for God, you must have divine gifts and divine help. Training and education are very important, but they are not substitutes for the ability and wisdom that only God can give.

I am called to teach the word of God and completely committed to my call. Over twenty five  years of my regular bible study has given me great wealth of the word and I am always excited to share them with others. 

We welcome every one of you into our church to have fellowship with us. We promise you that you feel like you do at home. We are a Pentecostal Church located in Mississauga, a small city close to the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Mississauga is located just west of the city of Toronto, in the Province of Ontario. The current population of Mississauga is approximately 800,000 and it is Canada’s sixth largest city.

We are in the ministry of sharing the gospel to the communities around us. Based on the 2011 National Household Survey the Religion in Canada falls under following ratio:-

Roman Catholicism (38.7%)

Other Christian (28.5%)

Non-religious (23.9%)

Islam (3.2%)

Hinduism (1.5%)

Sikhism (1.4%)

Buddhism (1.1%)

Judaism (1.0%)

Other religions (0.6%)

As such, we have a great task ahead of us to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ given to us. “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you ” (Mt 28:18 -19)

Your prayer and support to this ministry would be highly appreciated.

Pastor Benny Mathew, IPC. ( BA, LL.B, MTH)
In His ministry

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